Liebl Marketing Group is a full service marketing and advertising agency based in Des Moines, Iowa. We work with a variety of clients on a multitude of marketing and creative needs.  From working with established brands and businesses to refine their marketing approach, or helping clients craft a new identity and marketing for the first time, we're all in on the opportunity to help you grow


Jon // Agency Principal


Kylee // Coordinator


Krystal // Graphics + Art


Justin // Digital


Karen // Business Manager


Emmett // Voice + Creative

  • Media Buying

    LMG media buying begins with strategy, negotiation, and programming choices to purchase commercial and display inventory on behalf of our clients. Radio, TV, Digital, OOH, Streaming, Display, Print, Cable - we buy it all.  LMG is a licensed partner of STRATA/Freewheel. One-fourth of global advertising expenditures are processed through STRATA's industry-leading technology. We work closely with our clients to create the best and most effective media plan, factoring in target audience, reach, frequency, and total media exposure.

  • Creative

    A great media plan requires great creative. Whether it's writing and producing radio commercials, designing eye-catching visual  displays and graphics, or producing award-winning and memorable TV commercials and videos, LMG values creative above all else. We work with a number of immensely talented folks who hold the same opinion. We can't wait to work with you on crafting creative that stands out from the clutter and your competitive industry. 

  • Social Media

    Social Media is everywhere and functions as a critical part of access to your business; but managing social media is another thing that many of our clients don't have the time for, or energy to tackle. We do. From basic content generation to hands-on and real-time interaction with your customers and prospects, LMG can be the personality behind your social media presence, allowing you to focus your time and energy on running your business. 

  • Design

    There are no limitations to what we can design for our clients. Logos, digital ads, animations, mailers, and other visual advertising components. Our process involves finding the right way to sell your story and services and discovering how we can make you stand out. When we connect, we would love to share examples of the design work completed for our clients.

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